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  • INTERNET OF MINDS, a new era has just begun

    The real emerging trend is what can be defined as IoM, the INTERNET of MINDS, meaning that extraordinary, dynamic interconnections of actors and audience increasingly experienced, mindful and demanding about the pursuit of the optimal solution and method of application of the technology.


    I interview Sabrina Sauer, member of the brainLight team, just published by LEDLAB, the online community of Illuminotronica. Human Centered Technology.

  • LED – L(ight) E(ncoded) D(angers)

    The challenge that all the LED companies should accept is: finding a way to truly conciliate LED technology and biocompatibility in cooperation with the sane international scientific community.


    The “human light” is a unique opportunity for quality and beauty, an exclusive choice that only those aware of their complete personal wellness can dare, because choosing it makes the difference.