The choice of a domestic environment impregnated with beauty is one of the trump card for those who have a taste for harmonic life. Our home is the closest extension of our personality and as such it must express, represent and satisfy our most intimate traits, it has to work as a second skin.

The disposition of spaces and their decoration has not only a practical significance, but they also should guarantee a personalised aesthetic comfort, in order to create a private habitat which is psychologically safe, relaxing and stimulating. Thereby, a correct planning evaluates all these elements in a way that is aimed and scheduled, especially considering the home itself as an organism whose elements must be designed, organised and optimised all together in the first place, in order to get the best possible solution.

Light is a crucial element in building up a domestic environment, and must be handled with extreme care, since there are many aspects of this delicate matter that usually are not taken into consideration. In fact, light not only make visible and practicable a space while enhancing its quality, but it is also able to create atmospheres that are so suggestive and different from the daytime ones that the life scene itself radically changes, because it is the perception of it that radically changes, even at an unconscious level. As a matter of fact, the emotional power of light is so effective that it can influence the mood and physiological state of whom is exposed to it, without him even realising it. This is quite evident and experienceable with the daylight – think only of a full sunny day and a rainy one; unfortunately, speaking of artificial light this aspect too often is not given the right value, or worse, no value at all, and thinking that every day we have to do with this element, someway or another, the consideration of the perceptive aspect becomes of great relevance.

good lighting planning is, therefore, inescapable to optimise a life space, so much as the accurate analysis of those who will constantly experience it. In the same way it is necessary an expert tailor to realise a customised suit, a qualified professional is necessary to customise a good lighting environment; and alike the tailor that measure accurately every centimeter of the person who will wear the suit, a Lighting Designer “measures” in advance the personality, the habits and the needs of the person who will then benefit from the final light. Evidently, at this point, a beautiful design lamp can’t do but just complete the overall furniture – hoping that it will also make a nice light – but a luminous lighting environment that is at the same time functional, exciting and also speaks of the person who lives it, is another pair of sleeves, a more complex and challenging task that can only be entrusted to expert hands.

PHOTONIKA is a team of Lighting Designers that have decided to converge their respective professional experiences in the field of architectural and entertainment lighting planning, giving birth to a box of innovative projectual formats for almost every application of creative light – public and private environment, art and culture spaces – and all of which have the common fil rouge of setting at the center of each design the human Being, with his lifestyle, his unique character, his feelings, his dreams. In particular HUMAN, the format dedicated to the private spaces, is the result of a research about the optimisation of the use of light which interact with a person on an intimate dimension, and which considers its technical and perceptive aspects, its power to spectacularize and its psychophysical implications.

The “human light” is a unique opportunity for quality and beauty, an exclusive choice that only those aware of their complete personal wellness can dare, because choosing it makes the difference.