The Lighting Design brand PHOTONIKA has landed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a collaboration with the local Government about the requalification of a cluster of ancient villages in the region of Aseer, an operation part of the ambitious  VISION 2030 program. The Team, coordinated by Project Leader Architect LD Patrizia De Masi and Project Coordinator LD Walter Lutzu – President and Vice President of the AILD (Italian Association of Lighting Design) respectively – has already developed proposals for two important locations, Al Bast District and Rijal Almaa, inscribed in the UNESCO’s Tentative list to soon become a part of the World Heritage Patrimony.



“The experience we are living is one of the most extraordinary since our repertory began,” – states Arch. De Masi – “especially for the surprises we had working in a completely different dimension from what we are used to. The modern Arabian culture has preserved in time a magnificent spirit of progress, which has made it the most thriving land of science and knowledge in the world. The greatest challenge has been creating a strategic Lighting Design approach, one coherent with the philosophy all ancient Arabian architect and artists have been inspired by: to transduce a collective and spiritual meaning in the best material form.

We have then chosen to express the high values that emerged from a long preliminary study, with design choices that are delicate and exciting, perfectly evocative and never archaic. These must be signed by a technological language that is complex, precise, avant-garde, and often customised mirroring the best Italian traditions, and inspired by the best decorative Arabian traditions.”


“What we proposed in Arabia is a clear example of Architainment, where the architectural lighting will be in true symbiosis with dynamism, springing from the long experience of  interaction between both our professional competences, in synergy with the many companies and professionals we have involved in our projects. This is A thrilling adventure that will “stage” a whole spectrum of lighting scenarios without the use of trusses, frontmen, and backstage. I’m looking forward to raising the curtain!” – states Walter Lutzu.

Lighting test presso Al Basta

The blend of ARABIA and MADE IN ITALY – focusses on culture and design, that nation’s signature of excellence – and has already earned the full appreciation and consent from locals and government representatives, in the many encounters where the projects have been officially presented.