Sometimes you make surprising encounters. Like the one that occurred to me at the last Prolight+Sound 2017 in Frankfurt, where I had the chance to live something I can only define as unique: the brainLight experience. The access password? Always the same: HUMANITY.

These are a few excerpts from my new article, where I interview Sabrina Sauer, member of the brainLight team, just published by LEDLAB, the online community of Illuminotronica which promotes the culture of light.


Within the wild rush to technological development at any cost, almost so blind as to lose sight of the direction to the authentic benefit for humanity, there are realities that move in counter-trend and mould themselves on the fundamentals of true human wellness, developing, thanks to a slow-philosopy, a path of global evolution but also of successful business. We had a talk with Sabrina Sauer from brainLight GmbH, a German company which produces technologically advanced integrated systems for relaxation, in order to unveil a reality that is conquering huge venues of the global market and also of broad consensus.

Such an enlightened vision, one would say… but with eyes wide closed! Let’s discover together why.

“The company sees its systems as part of a worldwide trend towards deceleration and greater solidarity, a return to essentials, to simplicity, to the roots.” (from braiLight’s Corporate Mission)

Q: The corporate mission behind the brainLight project is truly uncommon and daring, in an overall view of the technology trend that rarely considers the human factor genuinely as a priority. What is the story behind this enlightened vision?

A: … I think the fact that this company was not created out of a desire to run a business is key to brainLight’s vision. Instead, Ursula Sauer und Jochen Hufgard stumbled across devices that struck a chord with their passions and their personal vision of a world, in which everyone could live their full potential by easily tapping into the necessary state of consciousness, with relaxation being the basis of most states. 

Q: Recently, many discussions have been brought about the still uncovered potentiality of light, which is another enthusiastic path that satisfies the genetical exploring attitude of humanity. Still, many are concerned about the manipulation of such a delicate matter as light, and the outcomes of an incorrect use of it, at this point of knowledge. What kind of scientific research and experimentation has been carried out to end up with a device like Synchro?

A: The first experiments in this field can be traced back to Greek natural scientist Ptolemy, who placed a spinning wheel between an observer’s eyes and the sun…

… The list of studies into the various areas of application of the light and sound devices is long and our products are regularly the subject of new research. There is a lot of related information on our website.

With regards to the worry of potential manipulation through light or our systems in general: we only employ frequencies up to 40 Hz, which are abundantly investigated and are also ordinarily produced by our brains. In contrast to the influence we are objected to permanently by the screens we watch and work on, by WiFi or radio, the brainLight-Synchro gives us the opportunity to choose the direction in which we would like to stimulate our brains.

You can read the whole article here. Relax, and wait for the next enlightened vision.