T H E   A N C I E N T   L I V E   S H O W

E N J O Y I N G   B E I N G   T H E R E

Being in the middle of an archeological site, your eye is eager to catch more, to feel more of what seems to be forever lost, but that once was so alive. And here that all the senses burst out from the desire to take part of a vision that imagination can only try and try again.

Imagine being there, in the living scene of the past, or better here and there simultaneously, with all your senses involved and just the one of time is lost. 

You find yourself immerged in a dimension that feels more real than the reality you just lost track of…


Phoenix is a dizzying sensorial experience that overcomes the rational barrier, and makes you touch bare hands the roots of your story.


Keep your eyes wide open
and don’t loose track of Phoenix

The project is now under discussion with an international company for the development of a dedicated technology for the set up of the project.