YEAR | 2022
LOCATION | Teatro Municipale Valli, Reggio Emilia
ROLE | Lighting Designer + Lighting Operator
DOP | Carlo Stagnoli

ABOUT | Romolo Valli Municipal Theater had been sold out for the Butterfly Symphonic Gala. The audience was bubbling with enthusiasm. The show was organized by the Gymnastics Federation of Italy for the 225th anniversary of the Italian flag. An extraordinary series of gymnastic pictures, choreographed by the DTN Emanuela Maccarani, amazed the young audience in the hall, confirming the spectacular vocation of gymnastic disciplines, capable of moving from leotard to stage costume and from gym to stage, always shining with technique and beauty. Domenica Sportiva journalist Lia Capizzi and “Dancing with the Stars” dancer Samuel Peron led a veritable theatrical kermesse full of colors, laser games, and acrobatics in a training story that showed the way a young practitioner becomes a gymnastics star, a butterfly.

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