Finally, what until now has been taken for just rumors, is revealing the truth with the force of scientific exactitude. As for most of the technological innovations, we are used to observe how the market not only represent the way to diffuse them, but is also a sort of experimental platform for let’s say beta versions, of which consumers are rarely aware. In addition to this, when the indipendent scientific community arises doubts, concerns and even proves of real dangers that can affect the wellness of humankind, well I don’t know you but I rarely find out a positive and ccoperative attitude shown by Industry, or the will to reach the aim of the prior good for the people.

I warmly invite everyone to read carefully articles like this. There is a vast literature on the web that we’d better not ignore.

I really appreciate and thank this awareness-kind-of-press, for there can be non evolution if we all don’t face responsively risks and overcome them with our intelligence. 

The challenge that the enlightened companies producing LED technology should accept right now is this: finding a way to truly conciliate LED and biocompatibility in cooperation with the sane international scientific community.



Artificial light is everywhere, like us human beings, and not by chance this can mean danger for ourselves and the rest of our living family on Earth. Let’s not forget that we have biologically evolved within the Solar spectrum for millions of years, and that the newborn L E D light is quite far from matching that frequency range completeness. It’s a great mistake, or better, a stupid risk to underestimate this fact.

So people of the World, BE WISELY… WATCHFUL!

PHOTONIKA project leader