YEAR | 2015 to present day
LOCATION | AL CHIAR DI LUNA, Monte di Procida, Campania, Italia
ROLE | Conceptor + Set Designer + Lighting Designer + Lighting Operator
ABOUT | Transforming an event location into a cinematographic set

Sometimes it’s just a matter of daring a bit more.

The event location AL CHIAR DI LUNA, besides the exclusive position facing the sea with the backdrop of Procida and Ischia islands, has the fortune to be owned by an enlightened man. Domenico Mazzella keeps an extreme vision about this place, born as location for wedding events and now becoming a place where anybody who dreams about an extraordinary celebration can have even more: a personal cinematographic set.

PHOTONIKA has been called to create a sort of cinema-lighting skin for the whole place, starting from the main environments indoor and outdoor, but also for places generally excluded from the scenograpic setup, such as the kitchen in this case, to show the guests all the potentialities of the structure in a very entertaining way.

Walter has exceeded his great creativity in customising dynamic lighting shows superbly synchroniced with selected sountracks to give a movie taste to every single space of this location for dreamy experiences.

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