Patrizia Stella is an architect with over twenty years of experience in the field of architectural lighting, along with studies of literature and philosophy. She has a strong passion for aesthetics, and she’s always on the pursuit of innovative ways to express the emotional dimension of experience.

During her studies, she has travelled several times in England and America. In particular at the School of Architecture in Waterloo, Toronto, she approaches Alvar Aalto‘s concept of architecture built around light, and  Kevin Lynch’s theory of urban sensorial analysis,  circumstance that boosts her up to define her peculiar professional direction.

The carrier as lighting designer started officially before the degree in Architecture and Urbanism, with the elaboration of a lighting proposal for the Rotary Club in Osimo, called Costellazione Osimo: the concept consisted in generating a nocturnal constellation of excellences by connecting the most relevant urban and architectural masterpieces of the city. The experience was so convincing that she decided afterwards to pioneer her final thesis by elaborating an urban lighting plan for the city of Ancona, where she mostly anticipated all the instances that have now become her lighting design signature.

Entangling her eclectic studies of urbanism and lighting with the passion for theatre and sociology, she has conceived a groundbreaking concept of lighting design named TEATRI URBANI. This step has marked her blueprint as a lighting designer: afterwards she has defined five more innovative formats – K NOW, LIGHTENGINE, NJOY, PHOENIX and HUMAN – that cover all the main fields of application of light, with an unprecedented approach. The founding in 2015 of the design brand PHOTONIKA, together with Walter coming from the entertainment world, has been the logical point of arrival and start of an exciting adventure, where experimentation, innovation, aesthetic and science are the sound pillars.

In 2006 Patrizia Stella has participated in the founding of AILD, the Italian Association of Lighting Design, which embrace all the main categories of lighting professionals and promotes some fundamental principles such as creativity, inspiration, good practices and knowledge sharing. She is now President since 2015, and has been leading a revolutionary path in order to reach the institutionalisation of the professional figure of lighting designer, within the UNI activity GL15, which is still ongoing in the final phases.

Her previous studies in medicine has sharpened her attitude to study the light scientifically. In her projects she is very attentive to the impact of light on people and surrounding environment as much as of aesthetic or purpose coherence. Furthermore she has started a path of independent research that has lead her to elaborate a revolutionary scientific theory, the PHOTONIKA CODE, on the which base she has design a brand new lighting system, called the PHOTONIKA METHOD.


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