Patrizia is an architect with over 15 years of experience in the field of architectural lighting, along with studies of literature and philosophy. She has a strong passion for aesthetics, and is always on the pursuit of innovative ways to express the emotional dimension of experience.

During her studies, she travels often in England and America, where she opens up to the experimental urbanistic in relation to light. In particular she spends a few months at the School of Architecture di Waterloo in Toronto, where she approaches Alvar Aalto‘s concept of architecture built around light, a central experience for her future professional direction. Canada was also the fortunate meeting encounter between Patrizia and the Kevin Lynch’s theory of urban sensorial analisys, a circumstance that boosts her up in a new professional direction.

The carrier as Lighting Designer starts officially before the degree with a collaboration with the Rotary Club of Osimo, where she elaborates a lighting project for the historical center of the town, named Costellazione Osimo: the concept consists in connecting the urban focus in a network meant as a constellation of excellences in the urban night. 

She earns a degree in Architecture with the thesis Urban lightscape, a proposal of experimental lighting planning for the city of Ancona, based on a sensorial approach, and which marks definitely her professional fingerprint.  

Entangling her specific professional studies with the passion for theatre and psycho-sociology, she gives birth to a pilot concept of lighting design with a theatrical cut, named TEATRI URBANI. The format has been tested as a pilot project in the samnite borough of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Campania – Italy, for which she obtains the acknowledgment of renowned representatives of the entertainment, world such as the Scenographer Bruno Rubeo (Il Mercante di Venezia, Born on the 4th of July, The Devil’s Advocate, Platoon). 

In 2006, together with other italian Lighting Design professionals, founds the AILD, Associazione Italiana Lighting Design, which gathers various categories of lighting professionals, from live show to theatre to architecture.The association aims to define and support the professional figure of the LD and the art of aesthetic light on the national territory. She became President od AILD in 2015, and since then she is leading a revolutionary path with the main target of setting back professionalism on few fundamental principles such as creativity, inspiration, good practices and knowledge sharing. 

She often writes articles regarding various topics about lighting, which are published on well known specialised magazines. In them she particularly marks the quality factor, and defines professionalism as the sensibility and the personal artistic imprint that come before the technique.    

She has attained for a short period a collaboration with STARK, a leading company specialized in artistic monumental projections, that she appreciates for the ability to harmonize the passion for art and the technological experimentation. Within that job experience she gives birth to the project GIACOMO LEOPARDI, I MANOSCRITTI, an ambitious proposal that aims to create a universal archive of all the precious manuscripts of the Poet, using the one STARK’s most advanced techonoly — the interactive library. The project is entirely centered on light, as the perfect versatile tool of communication.

In 2015 she founds in collaboration with Walter Lutzu the design brand PHOTONIKA, which synthesizes all her professional experience in a series of projectual format related to all the main fields of application of lighting design, with the exclusive taste of the show world thanks to the consolidated background of Walter. 



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